Monday, January 2, 2012

A fond welcome to 2012!

Depending on your chosen intrepretation, or more popularly mis-interpretation, of the Mayan calendar this may be the last year we've all got left.  If that happens to be the case we had better get down to the business of smoking the best cigars we can find.

After a flurry of fantastic cigars carrying me through the Christmas and New Years festivities my first cigar officially smoked in 2012 was the Liga Privada Unico Serie L40 from the incredibly gifted tobacco madmen at Drew Estate.  I'll pass on exhaustive detail about this cigar at the moment, but I'm exceedingly pleased that this was the stick with which I kicked off the year.

While a slew of Padrons and Joya de Nicaragua Antanos were sacrificed on December 31 and well into the wee hours of January 1, today fairly marks the first time this year that a cigar received my full and undivided attention.  It was paired up with a great dram of Balvenie Doublewood 10 year single malt and a beautiful, cold Southwest Florida evening (yes, cold by our standards).

At an elegant 7" x 40 ring, this lancero was a delight.  It's a medium-full to full strengh cigar with plenty of rich flavor.  The aroma does not disappoint.  The spice of this blend paired nicely with the sweet notes of the Balvenie.  So I bid welcome to 2012 and fĂȘte it with a powerful lancero.  This smooth smoking stick has given me a great hour's worth of enjoyment and has set the bar appropriately high for the cigars I'll seek out for the rest of this year.  Cheers!

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