Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh, Beautiful Connecticut

Apparently Connecticut is known as the Constitution State, even though the U.S. Constitution was written in the Philadelphia State House, because it was the first place in what would become the United States where citizens met in the late 1600's to agree on a set of guidelines and laws to govern their mutual, considerate, and fair interactions.  Good to know.

It seems that, like pretty much every other state, Connecticut also has a slew of backup nicknames or slogans, among which is the Land of Steady Habits.  How very Yankee of it.  Good steady habits are a good thing for sure.  Recently Connecticut has become a possible new steady habit for me.  The last two evenings the selection I've grabbed from the Cigartender corporate humidor, which has a fantastic array of options, both happened to be Connecticut.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another Great Trip to the Dentist

Today was my semi-annual trip to the dentist.  I like my dentist and my hygienist very much because they are happy to be members of the Cigartender team.  After the initial obligatory counseling session about the potential increased risk factors posed by cigar smoking and the understandable upsell opportunity for teeth whitening, they have both been committed to their job, which is to provide me with the best care and advice possible for the health of my mouth.

I appreciated the discussion that we had on my first visit when we went over health history and lifestyle.  I stringently adhere to the approach that you never withhold any information from your doctors, which includes your dentist.  They may give you grief, but as long as you pay them promptly for their services they really are focused on helping you make smart decisions pertaining to your health.

While I’m happy to report that I got a clean bill of health and am cavity free, this post is not about my sterling record of brushing my teeth.  This post is about letting all of you know about ViziLite oral cancer screening.  This is as simple as gargling with an oral rinse and then being examined under a little fluorescent light like a glow stick.  It is entirely painless, doesn’t even taste too bad and immensely improves the ability of the hygienist to identify any abnormal cells in your mouth.