Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh, Beautiful Connecticut

Apparently Connecticut is known as the Constitution State, even though the U.S. Constitution was written in the Philadelphia State House, because it was the first place in what would become the United States where citizens met in the late 1600's to agree on a set of guidelines and laws to govern their mutual, considerate, and fair interactions.  Good to know.

It seems that, like pretty much every other state, Connecticut also has a slew of backup nicknames or slogans, among which is the Land of Steady Habits.  How very Yankee of it.  Good steady habits are a good thing for sure.  Recently Connecticut has become a possible new steady habit for me.  The last two evenings the selection I've grabbed from the Cigartender corporate humidor, which has a fantastic array of options, both happened to be Connecticut.

Yesterday evening I reached for an Alec Bradley Maxx Connecticut.  I've always enjoyed the original Maxx and, I will openly admit, I greeted the Connecticut blend with skepticism.  I'm of the opinion that skepticism is a fine emotion so long as you meet it head on with an open mind and challenge it.  This I did with the Maxx Connecticut and my takeaway was that it was really quite a nice cigar.  It also reminded me of the Connecticut rendition of the 601.

Tonight the blend that found its way to my Xikar Xi1 and Xikar Stratosphere lighter was an Ernesto Perez-Carrillo Connecticut.  It was a balanced and easy to enjoy smoke.  For me it lacked the interest that the EPC Maduros have, but I'm somewhat biased. The flavors were mellow and the blend itself was very nicely balanced.  It was a little too gentle for a hoppy Red Hook IPA that I started the evening with, but as I moved to maltier and more mannerly beers the EPC Connecticut proved to be a great accompaniment.

Take it from a very dedicated Maduro smoker: natural Connecticut wrapper leaf can make for a captivating cigar.  These two are definitely worth a try.  The EPC is a bit less peppery than the Maxx, but neither is too strong for you to readily enjoy.  Grab one and give it a shot.

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