Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Here's How to Light ‘em Up!

The first thing you probably were taught about how best to enjoy premium cigars was that you must always use a butane lighter.  While this is pretty solid advice, it is marginally distorted.  The real mantra that you were supposed to have been taught was, “I pledge that I will never use a lighter with oil-based fuel”.  This means you won’t light your cigar with a fluid filled lighter like a Bic or a refillable Zippo.   News flash- I will use any of the above if the situation mandates it.  I’ll also drink really nice wine out of horrible stemware.  I hate to do it, but, if I’m in a pinch, I’ll compromise the method a little in order to enjoy the important reward.

You may now go retrieve all of those wooden matches you just heaped into the garbage.   They’re totally ok as well so long as you let the match burn for a second or two, so the sulfur burns off, then you may puff. 

If you want the ultimate, sophisticated, and aromatic alternative you should give cedar spills a try.  I’m not talking about the homemade version that you have grabbed from the pencil can at your local brick and mortar, or perhaps you made them at home the same way by breaking the cedar sheet from your cigar box into strips.  No, these are purposely produced cedar spills that are long enough to readily light your finest cigar and not burn your fingers.  Add to that their fantastic cedar aroma and you’ve got a very cool way to jazz up your next herf.

Here at Cigartender we will be getting some made up with our logo so we can toss a couple into your orders or offer them in smaller packs.  In the meantime, check out our friends over at Commonwealth Cedar Spills and tell them Cigartender sent you and they’ll take great care of you.
These are a fantastic option for special occasions too.  We just put together a cigar package for a wedding here in Tampa, that includes premium cigars with a custom made band, as well as the same logo from the band on these cedar spills.  Boxes of cigars will be lit in a very classy way and surely dozens of the spills are going home with happy relatives as keepsakes of a special day in Ybor City.

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