Thursday, August 2, 2012

Enjoy Your Cigar More: Slow Down!

Stinky Cigar Personal Ashtray
In order to optimally enjoy a great cigar you’ve actually got to spend more time not smoking it than smoking it.  Premium tobacco is rich, flavorful, and somewhat fragile.  It is necessary to draw on a cigar frequently enough to keep it burning steadily.  An unattended cigar will quietly go out.  However, if you smoke a cigar constantly you will almost certainly compromise the taste by overheating the burn.  So how do you slow down?  Use an ashtray.

If you’re disciplined, you can smoke slowly and steadily while holding onto the cigar.  However, temptation or habit is usually too great, and you may find yourself drawing on the cigar too frequently.  I offer you this cautionary advice while admitting that I can sometimes smoke a cigar for several minutes at a stretch without taking it from my teeth.  Give yourself a reason to set your cigar down.  So, use an ashtray.

An ashtray offers you a convenient and practical spot to set your cigar down to rest.  It keeps it clean and safely contains the burning end and any ash that is building up.  Cigar ashtrays also come in every size, shape, and style that you can imagine.  Since we all love gadgets and accessories as much as we love cigars, ashtrays are great accessories to add to the collection.
As you might imagine I have a fairly extensive collection of ashtrays.  While I do have a backup stash stored neatly in the garage, every smoking location I have around the house, garage, porch, or patio, has an ashtray always at the ready.  How many ashtrays do you have? far?

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