Monday, November 12, 2012

Complete Faith in a Brand

When you trust a brand, not only can you buy with confidence, but you can also use and recommend their products with the full expectation that the manufacturer will uphold their pledge for quality and reliability.
While not truly a mascot, Cigartender does have a company dog.  Appropriately, her name is derived from cigars.  She is a black Labrador named Maduro Belicoso, or Maddie Belle for short.  That’s a picture of her over there.  Next to her is her latest toy, as though she needed another.  It is a Tuffy brand octopus, made by VIP Products (  Costing nearly twenty bucks, it’s certainly not inexpensive.  However, I have learned from experience that the quality of their products more than justifies their price.
For me, Xikar is a similar brand.  We are proud to offer Xikar’s products, not because they offer an unconditional guarantee, but because we believe they make some of the finest accessories, bar none.  The guarantee is every bit as good as it sounds.  We have used it for our cutters and lighters when we needed to, and our customers also have been well served by it.  Several weeks ago Xikar indefinitely discontinued one of their lighters because they believed it no longer met their quality standard.  That is definitely an upstanding approach to business, and in true Xikar style.
So, should you have any questions or curiosities about Xikar, feel free to ask us in a comment here, or via email, at  This is a brand we personally use and trust, and one that we recommend without hesitation to our customers.

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