Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One of the two greatest cigar debates: band on or off? – Part 2

This is part two of the first of the two greatest cigar debates: band on or off?  The first part of this discussion made the profound case for leaving the band on the cigar.  But, what about the contrary position?  Surely there must be some merit to it as well, right?

Proof that I can play devil’s advocate, allow me to plead my case that you should remove the cigar’s band shortly after you lift it from its slumbers in your humidor.  Being a true connoisseur of premium cigars and the exceptional tobacco that goes into them, you have made a commitment that it is the leaf, the richness thereof, and the expert blending that should be celebrated about a cigar.  Akin to hanging a great painting by one of the old masters in an inappropriate frame or on an unworthy wall, it’s a tough challenge to put a band on a cigar that would not take away from the excellence in hand.  Conversely, if a cigar is mediocre at best but has a stellar band, do not be fooled, dear mortal, by the finery on that disaster of a stick.  Look straight at it and see that it truly does look like a dead autumn leaf.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

One of the two greatest cigar debates: band on or off? – Part 1

Your cigar band collection accumulates quickly.

Something that has always been fun about working in this great industry, with the best customers in the world, is the various preferences, opinions, and debates that arise.  Everyone has their own, deserved, opinion of a myriad of cigar topics.  Two that are perhaps the most recurring are the great debates of: cigar band on or off while smoking; and cellophane on or off while storing in the humidor.  Let us tackle that first one first.

How should you properly smoke a cigar?  Is one to leave the band on the cigar, brandishing the brand name for all to see, admire, scoff at, or acknowledge?  Or is it better to remove the band, either discretely or ceremoniously, in order to smoke the cigar and experience only the important part –the tobacco?  Here is an answer in two parts.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's Only Polite!

One of the results of a passion for cigars inevitably is the collection of cigars that you will amass.  This can range in size from a choice assortment of sticks in a desktop humidor in your office, through multiple humidors stored on every shelf of a bookcase (I’ve done this), all the way to multiple cabinet humidors which signifies your acceptance of this pursuit.  The only difference is the degree to which your collection grows.