Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's Only Polite!

One of the results of a passion for cigars inevitably is the collection of cigars that you will amass.  This can range in size from a choice assortment of sticks in a desktop humidor in your office, through multiple humidors stored on every shelf of a bookcase (I’ve done this), all the way to multiple cabinet humidors which signifies your acceptance of this pursuit.  The only difference is the degree to which your collection grows.

As with any thing that you are proud of and passionate about, it is natural to want to share it with others, with the exception of those few rare cigars that you even deny having when your best friend asks you.  So, the time will come, or has already come frequently, where you will show off your cigar collection to a fellow brother or sister of the leaf.  Go right ahead, you've worked hard and earned this.  Stories will spill forth from the recesses of the humidor as to which cigars are your favorites and perhaps where you first discovered and enjoyed a specific brand.

But, don’t show off your cigar collection without offering a cigar.  You don’t have to offer your prized sticks, but this is a gentleman’s, and ladies, pursuit so live up to the role.  It’d be like taking someone into your garage to brag about your Ferrari and not even offering to take them for a ride.  You don’t have to let them drive, but they should get to see what the ride is like.

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