Thursday, August 1, 2013

Who Broke the Seal?

Surely you have heard of counterfeit cigars.  Whether it is counterfeit bands that are placed on impostor cigars of inferior quality, or authentic bands that were stolen and placed on illegitimate product, the risk is out there.  The type of cigars most commonly counterfeited are Cuban brands that are illegally smuggled into the states and sold to unsuspecting buyers who fell prey not only to the notion that Cuban cigars deserve their somehow enduring mystique, but also to thinking their fake product was the real deal.  Non-Cuban brands are also often counterfeited.

For some fun, cruise on over to the Cigar Aficionado Counterfeit Gallery and take a look at just how impressive some of the counterfeit bands really are.  But, for every well made band there are probably dozens of dismal impostors that are almost comical, unless you bought the cigar that is.

A key way to ensure you have bought authentic product are the seals on the boxes.  Sure, these can be counterfeited as well, but, beyond that, what if you receive a box on which the seals are broken.  Take a deep breath.  Pick your heart off the floor, and relax.  In the vast majority of instances the seals will always be intact and unbroken on a box of cigars you purchase.  In quite limited occurrence will the seal be broken and for valid reasons.  A box of cigars that has security seals affixed and cellophane tightly enclosing the outside can only reveal some rather speculative details about the actual cigar provenance.  

On occasion a manufacturer will break open a box of cigars to inspect their current condition.  Similarly retailers, Cigartender included, will do the same for quality control. We always try to make a note of it in your order to let you know what’s up.  We firmly believe that receiving quality cigars in excellent condition 100% of the time is more important than always getting to be the one who gets to break the seal on the box.  Rest assured that you will get that privilege almost all of the time.

So, don’t worry too much if you get a box of cigars, or you’re given a box, on which the seal is already broken.  There are real reasons behind it.  And like we discussed above, if you can counterfeit a band you can counterfeit a seal.  That is why the most important step you can take is to only purchase from a reputable retailer, like Cigartender.  We know where all of our products come from and we trust our suppliers.  If we ever question the authenticity or quality of cigars we go right to the source to resolve the issue.  Smoke with confidence when you shop with us because we stand behind every sale, committed to ensuring your satisfaction.  Forget about who broke the seal; instead smoke what you love.

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