Saturday, August 2, 2014

Warped Cigars - Interview with Kyle Gellis & Cigar Sampler Giveaway

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in an interview call with Scott from over at the Sticks2Ash blog and Kyle Gellis of Warped Cigars.  Kyle had just returned from the IPCPR in Las Vegas a day or so prior and it was moderately early on a Saturday morning, but between some strong coffee and me smoking an El Oso Cub, we had a great conversation and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Sticks2Ash has the full interview that I highly recommend you read.  Kyle is a knowledgeable, engaging, and passionate cigar maker who I firmly believe has set out down the right and sustainable path.  Cigartender has been pleased to carry El Oso since its release this spring and we can't wait to get our hands officially on La Colmena and Flor del Valle, along with their awesome accessories.  We have been pre-selling for the last two weeks and our initial order allotment is very close to being sold out.  Rest assured we'll get another shipment heading our way just as soon as the cigars are ready to be boxed and released.

Warped Cigars is a small cigar company worthy of your time to read this interview as well as
El Titan de Bronze factory - Little Havana
worth dedicating some space in your own humidor to.  They have faithfully crafted some heavily Cuban inspired blends with all of the tradition and none of the disappointment  First in quality and workmanship always.  And a reminder, there's some details at the end of the interview about how to enter the Sticks2Ash Warped Cigars giveaway contest that is sponsored by Cigartender.  It's easy to get in on the action and you could end up with some cool swag and some great new releases from Warped.  Good luck and thanks for reading.


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